PS5: What Do PlayStation 5 Error Codes Mean


Sony’s new console comes with its own list of codes to identify different types of problems in your games. We try to help you with them.

Like any piece of technology, the new PlayStation 5 can fail in different ways, some due to user errors, others due to problems with the software or hardware of the machine, others due to network problems of its own and others. Obviously, the last thing you want to see when you buy a new and expensive console is an error message – precisely what is asked of a console is that it allows us to play without complications in the head. But don’t worry, many of these errors are temporary or solvable, and we only have to worry about some specific ones. From the Reddit community itself, a list is being made so that we can identify the most common that may appear on our console.

Errors CE-105799-1 and CE-113212-0

These errors are from accessing the PSN server. Either the PSN servers are down, or there is something wrong with your own connection. The best thing is to go to Settings and check if the connection works normally with a test, if not, review the router, ports, firmware and any element that may be preventing access to the internet console.

Error CE-108360-8

A connection error with the camera. If you are connecting with the PS Camera, make sure you have the free adapter that you need to order to work on PS5.

Errors CE-108862-5

This is a connection error to the servers of a specific game, due to failure or congestion. The only remedy is to be patient until the service is restored.

Errors CE-107520-5 and CE-108889-4

These errors are related to firmware installation and updates. Making sure the console is connected and downloading the latest updates should be done.

Error NP.102942-8

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Errors NP-1039444-0, 102945-1 and others that start with NP

Errors beginning with NP generally refer to the Playstation Network, they can be due to incomplete update installations, crashing servers, or an unstable connection. Assuming you don’t have a problem with your connection, you should wait for them to be fixed.

Errors NW-102261-2, NW-102307-3, and any errors beginning with NW

They are connection problems of your console and surely they come from a problem in your own internet connection or in your router. Check that your phone company has no problems in the area, that you can connect with other devices and test the connection of PS5. If you have internet but the console shows FW errors, check the connection with the router well, make sure it is updated with the latest firmware and keep ports 80, 443, 3478, 3479 and 65535 open.

WS-116420-4, WS-116522-7 errors, and any errors that start with WS

WS errors are web service errors. They can happen if there are connection problems when interacting with the system such as two-step authentication, for example. It may well be that the service is having problems with its servers, or that your connection is not stable. You can try turning the router off and back on again in five minutes to test again.

Error CE-108255-1

This is, without a doubt, the most worrying error that you can find when it comes to releasing your console. There is still no exact verification of what it is, but some users are receiving it when trying to run any game and the technical service response points to a necessary return of the console for another unit, which would point to a hardware problem. In case it only comes out in a specific game, try others. If it gives the same error in several games, call the technical service.


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