PS5 vs Xbox Series X differences: specs, teraflops, RAM


We compare the data that Sony has shown us in the presentation of PS5 with what we already knew from the Microsoft console.

Now that we know the official design of PS5 and its first confirmed exclusive games, it should be remembered that Mark Cerny presented the technical specifications of PlayStation 5, Sony’s new console for Christmas, a few months ago. The architect of the company, the Eminence in charge of designing the PlayStation hardware, related the final technical characteristics that the platform will have and that explain the finish of some of its games, such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is a hardware that wants to compete from one to the other with Xbox Series X, of which we also have many details thanks to the official information of the last weeks. Which is more powerful?

One of the distinguishing features of Xbox Series X is that it will have backward compatibility with thousands of launch games thanks to the team that is working to make the entire Xbox One catalog available to enjoy on the new machine, to which we must add the other hundreds of Xbox 360 and Xbox titles. In addition, Xbox Series X backwards compatible games will also have reduced load times compared to their original wait times.

After knowing the initial catalog of PlayStation 5, this Thursday, July 23, the Xbox Games Showcase will be held in which we will know the first games of Xbox Game Studios for Xbox Series X. For now, we have confirmed Halo Infinite.

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The fight for power: new generation

If we start with the CPU, we see that the Xbox Series X has 8 3.8 GHz nuclei for the eight 3.5 GHz variable PS5. At GPU, we were amazed at the 12 power teraflops announced for the Microsoft console in a custom RDNA 2 architecture; PS5 confirms the same type of architecture – it had been speculated that perhaps it would be RDNA 1- but in teraflops it stays at 10.28. It will be missing to see its performance, since Cerny has insisted that his idea is to offer a smaller and more agile GPU to offer a performance above what is expected from his TFLOPs figure, which according to him, does not respond to all the possibilities offered by the GPU component.

In bandwidth, the Microsoft console also leads the way: 10 GB @ 560 GB / s for the 448 GB / s of PS5. At the internal storage level, both consoles have an SSD hard drive, in Xbox Series X of 1 TB and in PS5 of 825 gigabytes. SSD speed is 2.4 GB / s on Microsoft console and 5.5 GB / s on Sony console. Note that the Xbox Series X specified that an additional 1TB could be expanded. Both have 16 GB GDDR6 of RAM.


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