PS5 versions of the games were created from scratch


The CEO of PlayStation says that no one should be disappointed by the decision to launch first party games on both platforms.

Until yesterday, titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West and Sackboy: A Big Adventure were considered exclusive to PlayStation 5. However, after the game presentation event, it was confirmed that all these video games will have a version for PS4. This decision has generated some controversy, because from Sony they said that they believed in generations and in exclusive games. Be that as it may, Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, has taken the issue down in an interview with The Washington Post.

“No one should be disappointed,” he tries to reassure. The PS5 versions of these games are built from the ground up to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 feature set. ” In addition, “we have an option” for players to upgrade from the current generation console to the next. “It has to do with people having options. I am quite happy with the situation ”.

The console interface will be revealed soon

Despite the fact that some of the unknowns have already been resolved, Sony still has a lot to teach. In the same interview, Ryan has referred to the interface, which has not yet been introduced. “We have not yet taught the user experience of PlayStation 5,” he says. “There are really cool things about it. According to the manager, the way studios are developing videogames is increasingly “smarter”, so he sees it as an opportunity for all that user experience to keep the players in control, within the platform.

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PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 12 in territories such as the United States and Japan, while in Spain it will be available from November 19. The Japanese company will publish a model without a disc reader at 399.99 euros and another with a reader at 499.99 euros, as confirmed during the recent event. Reservations are already open.


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