PS5: uses their imaginations to customize their console!


The PS5 continues to be talked about! This time around, fans have come up with the most beautiful personalized versions!

While the PS5 is desired, fans are redoubling their imaginations to customize their favorite consoles!

Barely released at the end of 2020, Sony’s new console quickly ran out of stock. A blow for gamers who were impatiently waiting for it!

The PS5 is now rarer than gold because for several months it ceased to be on sale in the market. Reseller prices have gone up!

And while sales were announced on January 20, the shortage could well last until the end of 2021!

If this shortage is still present, it is because of a manufacturing problem that the delivery time is taking a little longer than expected!

Meanwhile, Internet users are very imaginative! They redouble their imagination by creating several versions of the PS5! Some gamers have even customized their own console! And the result is very nice!

Many versions are therefore available on Reddit, Instagram or Twitter. And on the Etsy sales platform, be aware that sellers even offer to send special plaques to personalize them. It’s awesome isn’t it!

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