PS5: users report problems with sleep mode


They explain that there are setbacks, from completely turning off the console to making some saves disappear.

Several users, including also the Gamespot medium, are reporting problems with the PS5’s sleep mode. The function, which is designed to be able to turn off the console and then continue where we were going with the game we had on, in the same line as what can be done with PS4, it seems that it is leading to several problems, ranging from crashes to problems with saved games. According to the North American media, the majority of users with these problems have had to rebuild the PS5 database, more or less the same thing that happens when the power goes out and the console suddenly loses power.

It is not the only thing that happens. The reports point out the problem of the loss of saved games, something that at the moment has no solution. Some users have already detailed that they have lost more than two hours of gameplay in titles like Demon’s Souls. Of course, various problems are apparently occurring with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, something that has led the leader of Insomniac Games to say that they will investigate if they found the solution to this problem.

In Gamespot, who have suffered the problem, they indicate that surely the best thing is to turn off the system from sleep mode through the settings, energy saving and select the option in question to disable it. At the moment Sony has not commented on the matter

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Arrives in Spain this week

PS5 arrives in Spain on November 19, this Thursday. The console is currently sold out, and in fact several users have found that the delivery of large distributors such as Amazon will be delayed by a week, until the 25th. We will see how the stock limitation that is affecting all territories will be solved and also to the other new generation console, Xbox Series X.


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