PS5: Ubisoft is removing it will not be backward compatible


The website of the French company is updated, also in Spanish, to remove the mention of backward compatibility for non-PS4 consoles.

Ubisoft has removed from its official website the citation to the absence of backward compatibility of PS5 with its PS3, PS2 and PSX games. The initial information of the afternoon of this Monday is now intervened by the French company to eliminate the possible open debate as a result of this circumstance, since in no case was it indicated whether this lack of backward compatibility was due to a decision by Ubisoft or a inability on the part of the console.

Ubisoft removes the paragraph that spoke of PS3, PS2 and PSX

If we currently enter the website, we now see the following message: “As part of the IMPROVEMENT PROCESS to the next generation, PlayStation offers a series of features designed to help you move from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5”, they begin by saying, making it clear that now it’s only about the transition from PS4 to PS5. “PlayStation 4 players will be able to join in multiplayer games with PlayStation 5 players.” No more.

Previously, until the afternoon of August 31, this information was explicitly quoted on the website: “Backward compatibility will be available on some PS4 titles, but will not be possible with PS3, PS2 or PlayStation games.” This paragraph, which previously closed the question and answer section of the company’s support website, has disappeared.

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