PS5: Top 4 free video games available on the console!


For some time, some happy little ones have been able to get the PS5. If you are one of them, here is the list of free games to have!

The catalog of the PS5 is growing little by little and that is not to displease us, in short. However, some PS Plus games are available free of charge. Here is the list of games to have now for the month of January.

For some time now, the PS5 has made a sensational entry into the console market. Next-gen machine, it still seems to make a lot of noise even today.

At two months of release, it was already posting record numbers. Exploding all the feats previously accomplished by its predecessors, we can say that it is the console of the century.

It was also an opportunity to see new games in the stores. Like Cyberpunk 2077, which gets a lot of ink because of its many bugs.

We also witnessed the release of the latest Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Also, we look forward to the line-up of the next PS5 releases.

In the meantime, we have listed the games available now and for free. What to do before our favorite games come out.


Among the free titles available this month is Maneater! In this game, you become one of the most feared marine mammals: the shark.

This very second degree game, full of puzzles of all kinds, is not the only one to come to your PS5. How about diving into the world of Greedfall?

In this game, you get comfortable in 17th century Europe, on an island populated by fantastic creatures. A rather dreamlike adventure game, set against a historical backdrop.

Another game and not the least: Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This is the last installment in the reboot trilogy of the adventures of Lara Croft, our favorite archaeologist.

This time, Lara sets out to conquer an artifact in a Native American city. She will have to thwart a cataclysm, while facing the henchmen of her enemies the Trinitarians.

Another game available for free on the PS Plus of the PS5: Dawn of Fear. This is a Resident Evil or Silent Hill game that will give you some scares!


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