PS5 To Receive New Exclusive Souls and Unreleased Wipeout [RUMOR]


PS5: Here we are facing another series of rumors involving games from Sony. This time, they are courtesy of the Twitter profile of Shpeshal Nick, one of the founders of the Xbox Era podcast, and hint at two new PlayStation 5 games.

The first project would apparently be a Souls-style game coming directly from From Software (known for having worked on every franchise that goes by that name). He points out, however, that this is not a continuation of Bloodborne (in fact, just yesterday there was information about an unreleased title that would be announced in a State of Play that was supposedly scheduled for next week).

The other game he mentioned would be a new Wipeout, which is still at an early stage of development and would be made available not only for PlayStation 5, but also for PlayStation VR 2.

“Wants to know? Screw it. I risk making someone mad. I don’t want to be exploited again. I’m told Wipeout is coming back. Planned to be a VR2/PS5 game. Most likely to be an XDEV project. Still in the early stages of production,” says Nick’s tweet.

It is noteworthy, however, that none of this data has been officially confirmed, so we should treat all information contained in this news only as rumors.


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