PS5 | thinks the price of all games will increase


Michael Pachter believes that this upward trend in the price of games, from 70 to 80 euros in Europe, will not be such in most titles. Explanation.

The rise in price of games has become one of the main topics of conversation in this countdown to the start of the new generation of consoles with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Following Sony’s confirmation on PlayStation Studios titles, explanations from some publishers, and Microsoft’s position on the sidelines, supported by Xbox Game Pass, it is now well-known market analyst Michael Pachter who is skeptical of a general price hike in the videogames.

“I don’t think everyone is going to set their prices at $ 70.”

In a meeting with GamingBolt, Pachter suggests that, although some large publishers are going to go from 60 to 70 dollars (in Europe, from 70 to 80 euros), that does not mean that all titles and publishers will adopt this methodology; it doesn’t have to become a trend. “Microsoft has been very clear with Smart Delivery,” he begins by saying, allowing you to buy a game on Xbox One and upgrade to Xbox Series X | S for free in dozens of titles. The complete list is here, although it will grow.

“Unless Microsoft raises the price of current-generation games from $ 60 to $ 70, they can’t price their [next-generation] titles at $ 70. Their next-generation games will be $ 60, ”he reasons. In addition, Pachter believes that the position of 2K Games, which will raise the price of its titles to that new standard of 70 dollars / 80 euros, “is going to piss off users.” And since no publisher wants that, strategies will be sought to avoid reaching that point.

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“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he responds when asked about a global rise for all games by roughly $ 10. “I think we are going to see some publishers trying to figure out what they will do about the price of their games; and I understand that it has not helped anyone that Sony announced Miles Morales at 50 dollars and Demon’s Souls at 70 dollars, “he continues, and ends:” I don’t think everyone is going to set their prices at 70 dollars.

In Spain, large electronics stores that do not depend exclusively on the video game market, but base their billing on televisions, household appliances, software and peripherals, have lowered the price of works such as Demon’s Souls, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles for a few days. Morales or Sackboy: A Big Adventure for PS5 at 69.99 euros or even 59.99 euros, an amount much closer to what we were used to.


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