PS5: They found the solution to playing Skyrim at 60 IPS!


The arrival of the PS5 on the market has won over many players. They therefore hope to play SKyrim in 60 IPS. Here’s how…

Looks like Skyrim players are going to be thrilled! Indeed, modders have found a way to make us play this game on PS5. This, in 60 IPS.

The PS5 is definitely the console of all fantasies. Indeed, his name remains on everyone’s lips and everyone is tearing it off.

To the point where stocks are running out visibly, leaving little room for players wanting to hold it in their hands. Never mind: the happy few seem happy to have it.

However, it was not so easy to get hold of it. Especially since stocks are dwindling and we will have to wait until next summer at least to make sure we have one.

For the lucky ones who own a PS5, it is a joy to have this console. Some therefore want to spend hours on their favorite titles.

Among these is of course The Elder Scrolls 5, or rather Skyrim. To make them happy, modders have found a trick to play it in 60 FPS on PS5.


So some have not missed this video on YouTube, which shows Skyrim at 60 frames per second. A beautiful experience for seasoned players.

This iteration is available for download, both for the PlayStation 4 console but also the successor to it: the PS5. Isn’t it all beautiful?

At first glance, the experience is still better on PlayStation 5 than on PS4, and that’s hardly surprising. However, the result is satisfactory on this last console.

However, the game’s finicky engine sometimes tries to return to 30 FPS and oscillates between the two. Either way, this mod is live on Sony’s next-gen console!

The modder in question uploaded an ingame preview of the change to YouTube. The link is downloadable from the Bethesda website.

Once you’ve installed this mod, which is therefore available on PS4 and PS5, all you have to do is restart your machine and open Skyrim.

This little update should delight fans of the franchise who are eagerly awaiting the 6th installment of The Elder Scrolls. The latter must indeed arm themselves with a lot of patience.

Considering Bethesda’s pro work, some gamers even feel that these 60 FPS mods should be not a fan mod, but a full-fledged patch patch.

Note all the same that this version remains unstable, especially on PS4. It should in any case delight PS5 owners who can not do without Skyrim.