PS5: the Sony console could soon see it price drop in 2021


New buzz for the PS5! Sony continues to hit everything and ignite the web with its new console. But will it soon be on sale?

Does the giant Sony plan discounts on the PS5 console?

Unsurprisingly, the PS5 continues to restock and sell out quickly. But gamers are getting impatient … When will they find the console on sale? Is Sony planning holiday discounts this year?

After a major shortage of stocks when it was launched, the PS5 is available again! Unsurprisingly, it continues to be sold and still sees itself as a victim of its success!
As the first month of 2021 draws to a close, restocking of Sony consoles continues, and they are selling out very quickly at all retailers. Shock!

At the moment, demand for PS5 is still incredibly high, which means discounts are yet to be expected. But that doesn’t stop some discerning fans from waiting for the sales.


Since its release last November, the PS5 is still very recent. The console is also always out of stock as soon as replenishments arrive …

It also means that there is still a very high demand, so Sony is unlikely to hand over its latest console when it is selling so well. …

The PS4 didn’t get an official price reduction until 2015 after it had already been out for almost two years … So the PS5 probably won’t get an official price reduction anytime soon. But nevertheless, rumors run on the web …


Bundles are a fairly common way to save money and retailers quite often use them for promotional purposes. For example, GameStop already has several bundles on the PS5s.

That might not be the price cut some buyers are looking for, but it could mean grabbing a PS5 and a PS5 game or two for $ 499.99! Knowing that this is currently the price of the console alone.

Small discounts can occur in 2021 thanks to Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. But the point is, as long as PlayStation 5 restockings continue to sell out so quickly, big price cuts won’t happen….

So first-time users looking for a big price drop will have to wait until at least 2022 … Of course, Sony hasn’t officially confirmed anything about permanent price discounts or cuts.

These estimates are based on when previous PlayStation consoles went on sale after release. To be continued…

And you, do you already have the PS5? Are you waiting for the sales to purchase? Tell us everything in the comments!


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