PS5: The massive model is worth more than $ 70,000!


A new model of the PS5 has just appeared on the market and it is a YouTuber who bought it for an exorbitant sum.

The PS5 has not finished talking about it. Released only a few months ago, the console is once again in the spotlight. For its very special model.

This year has been very difficult for everyone. With repeated confinements and evenings at home, the French are trying to keep their cool. That’s why they’re trying new things.

Some took up sports, others tried drawing or even puzzles. But many took the opportunity to play video games. Not surprisingly, the Animal Crossing game was the best-selling game this year.

But taking care of a desert island and hunting scorpions, it gets boring after a while. That’s why the announcement of the new PS5 was like a bombshell in the gaming world.

And when it was released in November 2020, fans really ripped off the console in stores. But the Sony console was not unanimous.

Indeed it has been the subject of negative reviews. Because of its rather imposing size and very different from other consoles sold on the market. Xbox even poked fun at this pedestal issue in a rather funny tweet.

But the designers of the PS5 did not stop there.


Indeed, there is a giant model of the famous PS5. And it was the creator ZHC who bought this full-size version. For the modest sum of 70,000 dollars. Against 499 euros for the original console.

This model is almost 3 meters tall and weighs approximately 227 kg. A unique model in the world therefore. And to achieve that height you would have to stack around 30 full-size PS5s horizontally.

But ZHC does not intend to leave it intact. The artist with 19 million YouTube subscribers customized the object for 100 hours and made a video of it.

A decor painted by the artist himself and his friends who came especially for the occasion. And the result is very surprising. On one side of the console is an aquatic universe. And on the other side, a spatial setting. And this new giant model is not just a simple decorative object.

Indeed this PS5 works perfectly well. It is therefore possible to play video games on it as with a conventional console. Indeed, to guarantee a good gaming experience, the PS5 even comes with its giant “DualSense” controller.

So yes, they don’t do things by halves at Sony. It remains to be seen now where can we store an object as imposing as this one.


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