PS5: the DualSense controller has a terrible dift problem!


According to Kotaku, several PS5 players have complained about a drift problem on the PS5’s DualSense. But what is it really about?

Here is a piece of news which should not improve the image of Sony … Indeed, the Japanese firm is being tackled from all sides, just like Microsoft, for its problems of stocks of PS5. But a new problem has just been added to the list: that of its DualSense controller.

So what’s the deal with the console controller? Especially since it was the pride of its designers. With its adaptive triggers and vibrations specially designed for certain games.

So what could be this famous problem on the controller of the PS5? We can already tell you that the concern in question is reminiscent of the Joy-Cons of the Switch. Indeed, the Nintendo console has a similar defect.

After several months of use, the controller is experiencing a drift problem. No, we don’t speak Chinese but French, with a hint of English. Drift concerns are not unheard of on console controllers.

They have been around for several years and annoy players. When we tell you what it is, there is no doubt that you too will be one of the players who have been through this mess. Because the drift remains a problem common to the various levers.

Whether on PS5, Switch and PS4, there are times when you see your camera moving on its own. Or your character. While you are not touching your controller. This is what drifting is.


As noted by our colleagues from PhoneAndroid, while the console has only been out for 3 months, the DualSense would therefore experience a similar galley… It was still necessary to get the players out of their hinges and hold Sony to account. .

Indeed, as the media noted, many of them took over their social networks and voiced their concerns. It remains to be seen whether the Japanese firm will wait for their discontent. And above all, if she will be able to make a gesture.

Because yes, what could Sony do about this problem? Fully refund the PS5 controller? Replace it immediately? Or just give gamers a voucher? We don’t know at this time.

However, Kotaku would have contacted Playstation to learn more about this story. The company confirmed that the reimbursement was fully covered by the guarantee. Good news then. Even if the shipping costs remain at our expense.

But instead of paying off all DualSenses, the company should focus on the nature of the problem. This would save many PS5 players from tearing their hair out and holding their controller alive for years to come.


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