PS5: the console will soon be back on sale everywhere!


Sony’s latest console, the PS5 will be available again very soon! We give you more details. The PS5 will be available again very soon!

2020 has been a very successful year for the Japanese multinational! Indeed, Sony was very successful with the release of its new console, the PS5.

In fact, the game console has even fallen victim to its success. It was indeed very difficult to get hold of it.

Rarer than gold, distributors will run out of stock very quickly. So only the lucky ones were able to afford one.

And the consoles are sometimes sold on the web at crazy prices! For other gamers, they won’t be so lucky!

But the situation should change soon! Indeed, soon, the PS5 will be available for sale again. Hoping that this time there would be something for everyone!


You should know that the PS5 was a victim of its success but also of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the health crisis has had a major impact on the production of consoles around the world.

But that hasn’t stopped Sony from selling no less than 3.4 million consoles this year! Just that. For 2021, the company hopes to sell between 16.8 and 18 million PS5!

A crazy goal but it seems quite achievable! Indeed, production is increasing significantly.

The site even estimates an increase in the production rate of 40 to 50%! Which is not nothing.

Which also means the end of stockouts! Enough to bring back a smile to those who have not had the chance to afford one.

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FYI, Sony planned to sell 10 million consoles by March 31, 2021. The company therefore has only 3 months left to produce and sell 6 million copies of its flagship console.


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