PS5: the console is overheating and is not really ready!


Reviews of the PS5 are mixed. On social media, some reported that it was overheating and was not really on point.

The PlayStation 5 is far from unanimous. The new console from Sony, which is already out of stock, has been making a bad buzz for a few hours …

Indeed, some Internet users who have been able to obtain the Holy Grail, do not hesitate to post their opinions. And some of them are murderers.

Some people claim that the console overheats repeatedly. In fact, a user posted a photo with the following error message: “Look at what it shows me: Your PS5 is too hot. Turn it off and wait for the temperature to drop ”.

A message relayed by several gamers on the web. Some Twitter users have therefore suggested placing the console in a ventilated place, therefore.

And these aren’t the only reviews from PS5 fans. Indeed, others do not hesitate to point the finger at the size of the latter. “Serie X is actually smaller than I thought, which is pretty funny.”

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