PS5: The console has sold 6 million copies worldwide!


The PS5 console achieves record sales and even surpasses the PS4! The giant Sony promises 3 million consoles on the way …

Shock on the web! Sony breaks all its sales records with the all new PS5, despite distribution problems!

So it’s official! The stats have fallen and are creating a buzz! The PS5 thus exceeds the bar of 6 million consoles sold worldwide!

Certainly, since its release last November, the PS5 has been a hot topic! And for good reason … Very promising with all its new features, players are snapping up all over the world!

Moreover, the wait for players who want to acquire it is long … Indeed, it is still out of stock … Shock!

And while new stocks are promised soon by Sony, the PS5 continues to ignite the web and is a real hit! Unsurprisingly, the PlayStation brand is doing very, very well!

The PS5 has been out for a few months now… And there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the distribution of the cult console. However, as reported in Sony’s financial results, the last quarter was the best ever for PlayStation… So look at its numbers:


Unsurprisingly, the PS5 console is a real hit with players! Despite the current situation with the pandemic and inventory issues, gamers absolutely want this console!

Some people pay it sometimes at a high price! And for good reason … What could be better than occupying your confinement by spending hours and hours playing on the new immersive console?

In fact, the manufacturer’s 2020 year ended with 4.5 million Next-Gent consoles distributed worldwide! So a pretty good figure in a month and a half: that makes it the best-selling console of the year (ahead of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S)!

To contribute to this important step, the performance of the highest level concerning the software! It’s no coincidence that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has 4 million copies.

But that’s not all ! VGChartz says today that the PS5 has just reached the mark of 6 million consoles sold on March 6, 2021!

Following in the footsteps of the PS4, the new console is therefore a very good introduction! Indeed, the data is therefore rather positive, but despite this, Sony has failed to meet the worldwide demand for the new console!

The good news ? By March 31st, there will be an increase of 3 million new PS5s distributed worldwide! The best, right?

The goal is to match the final numbers with those from the PS4 launch. According to rumors, this is a good start!


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