PS5: still future stock problems for the console?


The stock is not likely to come back anytime soon, it looks like … Indeed, the PS5 is dealing with a shortage that is not going to get better!

Getting a console when it launches has never been so difficult. Yes, the PS5 is showing sold out everywhere. As for its stock, it will not be bailed out immediately. Let us therefore be patient.

Here is a small inventory, as for the restock of the flagship console from Sony. Indeed, the PS5 is on everyone’s lips but very little in the arms of consumers.

However, this one is among the most requested at the moment. And it’s not for nothing that this flagship of the next-gen console is selling like hot cakes.

It must be said that it broke the record of its predecessor: the PS4. So the PlayStation 5 has the best console launch ever.

However, gamers everywhere would love to have their consoles too. This even though stocks are running low all over the world.

Will Sony’s PS5 make our heads spin again? And above all, should we still expect problems with its stock which is draining at high speed?


This year, Sony plans to sell 18 million units of its console and 10 million in March. However, it will not be an easy task, given the latest reports …

Earlier, you were already told that stocks of the PS5 would not stabilize until next summer. A real blow, we know, for players who have been patient for too long already.

This is due to an insulating film which is becoming difficult to find these days. Add to this the fact that demand is as strong or even greater than supply.

Consequence: the stock runs out and does not really bail out. Needless to say, the first PS5 to arrive in stock is disappearing just as quickly.


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