PS5: soon a feature inspired by Dark Souls games?


According to Melty, Sony has filed a patent to add new functionality to the PS5. Dark Souls-inspired feature. November 19 sounded like a day of renewal for all gamers. Indeed, the PS5 was finally available and fans of Godfall, Dark Souls, or Spider-Man could finally test the new features of the console.

At least, for the lucky ones. Because yes, the stock turned out to be rather poorly managed. Sony had warned but very few gamers had imagined that was going to happen. At the same time, when we know that the health crisis is hurting many productions, we could have suspected that the PS5 would also suffer.

Because yes, since the day of its launch, the next-gen console has not been entitled to a restocking. Admittedly, a few consoles were available, within 3 minutes, on the sites of certain major brands. But can we really talk about restocking in these cases? Not really.

Since then, many players have been waiting for their new technological jewel to be able to see what ray-tracing gives and test the new features of DualSense. But that shouldn’t happen right away.

Maybe this will give Sony time to develop its new feature for the PS5?


Indeed, the Japanese firm would have filed a patent for a new functionality of the console according to our colleagues at Melty. The tool in question is already familiar to all Dark Souls players. They know that it is possible to “leave notes” in the game, for future players passing at a specific point in the adventure. A bit like in Death Stranding.

Sony seems to have liked this tool a lot and wants to integrate it directly into their PS5 system. But what is it really going to be used for on a simple menu? In reality, the firm does not only want to integrate it into its home screen:

“In-game tags should add a community dimension to single-player and multiplayer games. With these tags, players will be able to communicate via filtered texts and images that other players may have generated. ”

It remains to be seen when this new tool will land on the PS5.


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