PS5: Sony will show 4K games in 1080p only!


To the delight of gamers, Sony is preparing a unique conference focused on PS5 games. However, there is a problem!

Recently, Sony has therefore announced to its public a special PS5 conference, dedicated to future console games. But the distribution risks altering the true graphic quality of these!

For gamers, the wait seems unbearable. Everyone wants to know more about the long-awaited PS5.

Yesterday, Sony then delighted its audience. Eh yes ! A unique conference is being prepared, dedicated to the games of the future console.

However, given the situation, Japanese society has no choice but to adapt. The Covid-19 pandemic does not make gifts!

The special PS5 show will thus be broadcast on YouTube this Thursday, June 11 at 10 p.m. In the press release, Sony says more!

“This format facilitated the production process of the event for a period that required a large part of our team, and many developers, to work from home.”

But… There is a problem, and not the least!


As you will probably have understood, the problem therefore concerns the graphic quality of PS5 games.

On YouTube, they will not be able to exploit their full potential. Misfortune !

“As you can imagine, the games you will see on Thursday will be even more beautiful when you play them on PS5, with a 4K TV”.

Nice selling point! Besides, Sony advises Internet users to delve deeply into the show.

“We also recommend that you wear earphones, or headphones. The program has very nice sound effects ”.

“You will find it more difficult to appreciate them on the speaker of your phone, or your laptop.”

See you next Thursday at 10 p.m. on YouTube!


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