PS5: Sony stops production of PS4!


The PS5 barely released, Sony takes a radical decision! The company decides to stop production of the PS4 and focuses on its successor.

Goodbye PS4, hello PS5! For just over a month, Sony fans have been raving about the new console. A craze that pushes the brand to say goodbye to the PS4… drastically.

Because the games of PS4 can be played on his little sister. The brand therefore no longer needs to produce the fourth console of its Play-Stations … It decides to stop manufacturing for a while.

Thus, the factories will be able to concentrate on the production of the PS5. A response to the many delays in orders accumulated by Sony, while the Christmas holidays caused an increase in requests.

The PS4 will therefore be unavailable… or almost. Because Sony does not intend to immediately stop the production of its flagship console. It thus leaves a model available: the classic, with a 500 gigabyte hard drive.

For the rest, it will therefore no longer be possible to hope for a PS4 Pro, Slim, or any color other than black. The factories will run at full speed to flood the PS5 market and aim very high.


It must also be said that Sony is setting the bar very high for 2021! While it sold over 3 million consoles last year, after release in November, it is aiming for over 17 million this year!

In the low range, the brand is betting on 16.8 million sales … But still hopes to reach 18 million PS5 sold worldwide! We therefore need factories in good shape …

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This probably explains the decision to stop production of the PS4. But it will not be final, because the old console remains unavoidable. But also less expensive …

Sony will therefore juggle between PS5 and PS4. But only when the new version has flooded the market … So expect to find it everywhere!


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