PS5: Sony removing third-party game dates from promotion


After a preview with the specific date and the release window of some of its next exclusives, Sony re-uploads the video without those references.

Sony Corporation has republished the video dedicated to PlayStation 5 from CES 2021 eliminating all the launch dates and guidance windows for third party video games. Titles such as Project Athia, Pragmata or Ghostwire Tokyo, some of the most prominent of this trailer, have disappeared from the last screenshot dedicated to the credits of the appeared works. Now, the slogan “Play Has No Limits” is accompanied by only internal video games from PlayStation Studios, where it can be said that the references have not been changed.

For example, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart continues to appear for 2021, although no longer the guarantee that we will see it in these first six months of the life of PS5, as initially said; although this lack of specificity should not lead to think about a possible delay until Sony says otherwise.

Previously, players were able to take note of a roadmap that left us works like Kena: Bridge of Spirits for March; Solar Ash for this month of June; Little Devil Inside for July; Ghostwire: Tokyo for the month of October, as does Stray; Project Athia for January 2022 and finally Pragmata for the year 2023.

The reasons that led Sony to remove these release dates and windows from the trailer published at CES 2021 are unknown.

PS5 is already available worldwide in two models, one with a disc player and the other with a disc player, but the stock available in stores is scarce. It is expected that from February and March the supply will be sufficient to respond to the huge demand that the console has in all markets; Spain included, where the reception has been a real record.

PS5 Calendar: First Trailer Release Windows

Hitman III – January 2021
Returnal – March 19, 2021
Kena: Bridge of Spirits – March 2021
Solar Ash – June 2021
Little Devil Inside – July 2021
Ghostwire: Tokyo – October 2021
Stray – October 2021
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – 2021
Horizon Forbidden West – 2021
Project Athia – January 2022
Pragmata – 2023


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