PS5: Sony patents an online tournament creation system on the console


PS5: The Japanese company registers a platform designed to be able to create multiplayer tournaments from the PlayStation itself. Official details. Sony Interactive Entertainment has registered a patent intended to implement an online tournament creation platform from the PlayStation console itself. Dated on March 21, 2021, this July 8 has finally been approved and classified in the United States patent database (USPTO), according to SegmentNext. Let’s take a look at the idea that Sony has in mind and what new things it can offer, if it materializes, for lovers of competitive games.

What does this patent offer and what can it bring to PlayStation players?

Broadly speaking, this proposal aims to integrate an online tournament creation system so that both developers and players, as well as third party organizers, can serve as hosts (host) of these competitions, which would facilitate their organization, planning and execution without turn to external platforms. The patent, publicly accessible for consultation, is quite clear in its application.

It should be noted that, like all patents, Sony has only elevated the registration to protect its copyright of the idea in case of materializing it in the future. It doesn’t have to translate into anything. Registering a patent does not necessarily mean that you are working on such a proposal.

“The integration of online tournaments can allow the holding of tournaments by individuals, developers and other providers. The integration of online tournaments can include simple tools to organize and run a tournament ”from the platform itself, we can read in the description. Sony also thinks that this system would facilitate an improvement in the “visibility of specific games”.

And they expand: “In this way, a user can use these tools to organize a small tournament with friends”, while event organizers could use these tools “to organize a large tournament with many participants, complex rules and even [multiple] video game”.


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