PS5: Sony patent suggests new PSVR control


A new patent published on Thursday, the 24th, suggests that Sony already has plans to reinvent VR devices compatible with the new generation of consoles. The images present some details about a new control model for the PSVR, showing visual and ergonomic similarities with the control devices of the Oculus Rift.

As can be seen in the patent design, a new structure would replace the conventional PS Move, now with a curved support to offer greater precision in the controls. The ring would be the main sensor and tracking mechanism, emitting a series of infrared lights responsible for delivering position data to the console.

Certainly, the device must be more compact and more sensitive to be able to feel the rotation and the touches, coming in constant contact with the player’s hand to track not only the finger commands, but also the wrist, generating greater realism during the games.

Although the patent is just a project or at least the main conceptual art of a design still about to be designed, some rumors, such as leaks from Bloomberg journalists in early 2020, surround Sony’s backstage, involving production and planning a new version of the PSVR focused on the PlayStation 5.

For fans of gaming in virtual reality, it is worth paying attention to the next news about the PSVR.

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