PS5: Sony mentions a release in October in a job offer!


This is an announcement that should delight more than one! In a job offer, Sony mentions an exit from the PS5 for the month of October 2020!

On the Web, there are countless rumors that feed the possible release date of the PS5 . However, this announcement published by Sony has everything official!

All players on the planet have only one hurry, see the PS5 integrate their living room. The wait seems unbearable!

Still, for its part, Sony cushy play the card of mystery . No wonder when you know the strategies used by Japanese society. This news should still delight more than one. On the ResetERA forum , a member recently announced the release date of the console .

Well, not exactly. The surfer came across a job offer , in which there is information to say the least important. At first glance, there is nothing very surprising. In its announcement, Sony therefore puts forward a post for managing the production costs of the PS5 .

But other information appears there. You will understand, it therefore concerns the date of exit from the machine.

In the job offer, we can read the following message . “We select the best suppliers …”

“To create the PS5 whose release is scheduled for October 2020 “. No, you’re not dreaming ! This info is therefore to be taken very seriously. And for good reason ! It comes directly from Sony offices .

However, it is best not to take it as an official announcement . Japanese society should very soon do it in the rules of art. The global crisis we are facing does nothing to help. The uncertainty is only stronger!

We will therefore have to be patient, and hope that the PS5 will indeed arrive by the end of the year .


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