PS5: Sony is waiting for it to be restocked for Christmas!


To the delight of players, but especially latecomers, Sony is planning a restocking of PS5 for the Christmas holidays!

You were expecting it, the new Sony console is finally coming to France! So those who haven’t had the chance to pre-order the PS5 will have the opportunity to do so for the Christmas holidays.

This week is not a week like any other for French players. As you probably know, the PS5 is therefore coming to France!

After long months of waiting and teasing, the new generation of consoles offered by Sony has thus entered the shelves!

Well, not exactly. A victim of its own success, the PS5 will only plunge into the hands of those who pre-ordered it well in advance.

But don’t worry! If you’re not one of that slim elite, there’s still a chance you can get it pretty soon.


Not long ago, the CEO of the very famous Japanese brand made a statement that should reassure many. New consoles are coming very quickly!

“In this difficult environment, we are producing more PS5s than PS4s for this launch. If people can’t find a PS5 at launch, we’re sorry and we apologize.

You can be sure that we are working very hard to bring significant quantities to the market before and after Christmas ”.

So ? Isn’t that good news? But beware ! Here again, it will then be necessary to be lively. A PlayStation 5 has to be earned!

Without a doubt, stocks will thus be emptied at a very high speed. It will then be necessary to wait a long time before seeing a new opportunity point the tip of his nose.

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