PS5: Sony increases the pressure on the official site!


Sony knows it, we are all waiting for it … The PS5 is coming soon! And to make the fans languish, the official site puts a little pressure ..!

Late or not? Sony didn’t even give the answer… But the PS5 is coming soon, and the fans are in awe! The fault with the official site which also puts pressure. We can’t wait to see the rest!

When will we finally be entitled to the new Sony console? We await the revelations! The official site is indeed updated. And the messages also seem more and more mysterious! We are therefore waiting for a big announcement…

Because the release of the PS5 will be good for 2020. Delayed by the Covid-19, the console should thus be released “end of 2020” according to the last messages published. We don’t know the exact date or design of the console…

But the fateful moment approaches, and Sony is pleased. The designer therefore increases the pressure. But also the promises! Because the more time passes, the more Sony promises great moments with this new console.

We already knew, the PS5 will be the fastest of its generation. In order not to let go of its ratings, the official website therefore adds a few layers. And there is no shortage of superlatives to attract the curious!


“Fast as lightning”, just that: Sony gives itself up on promises. “Discover a more intense gaming experience with support for tactile feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio technology”

Despite everything, the PS5 does not seem ready yet … And neither does the site. “We are not yet ready to fully reveal the new generation PlayStation. “Very well, but we are waiting for a date!

Even if Sony promises “breathtaking games”, “incredible graphics” and “new features”, it is missing the most important. Especially since the release of the Xbox X series should fall at the same time …

So we hold our breath until the next site announcement! PS5, end of 2020: we arrive in June, so there are less than six months to wait!

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