PS5; Sony disassembles the PlayStation 5


Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of the mechanical design department, shows us what the new console looks like on the inside.

Sony Playstation has released a new video in which Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of the mechanical design department within the Hardware Design division at SIE, performs a methodical dissection of the mechanical components that make up a PS5, as well as a review of the different components that make up the whole console. Armed with a set of perfectly placed tools, and under the warning that doing this at home implies losing the warranty of the machine, Ootori San go over little by little all the hardware details of the console, from the outside to the heart of the console. next heir to the Playstation label.

On the outside, we can see the two USB ports on the front, one Type-C and the other Type-A, plus two Type-A SuperSpeed, with 10Gbsp of transfer capacity on the back, which accompany an ethernet port, to an HDMI and to the power connector. Next, it is explained how a screw secures the console to the base in its vertical form and how we can position it so that it supports the horizontal position if we decide to place the console like this. From there he explains how to remove the outer white supports -something necessary to find the place where we can place additional storage support-, and we can also visualize the huge double fan of 120 mm in diameter and 45 mm thick that, in theory, will help to the correct ventilation of the machine and avoid the exaggerated noise that PS4 users have suffered. But the heart of the cooling system is not there, but in a liquid metal system that serves as a thermal conductor, which in the words of the person in charge “will guarantee high cooling in a stable and long-term way”, a solution in which two have invested years of work.

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