PS5 sold 118,000 units in Japan; Xbox adds 20 thousand


The first sales figures for new generation consoles in Japan have been released, so we can get an idea of ​​how the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 are doing there! Thanks to the data revealed by the traditional Famitsu magazine, we know that both had a very promising start.

Between November 12 and 15, 2020, Sony’s PS5 managed to sell 118,085 units, while Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S totaled 20,534 units sold between November 10 and 15. It is worth remembering that Xbox systems have never been very popular in Japan, which explains their performance well below the direct rival.

For a clearer comparison with past generations, the Xbox One sold 23,562 units in its first four days, while the Xbox 360 reached the mark of 62,135 consoles sold over the first two days. In the Playstation universe, Sony managed to sell 322,083 PS4 units over its first two days (something that shows that even the PS5 had a lower than expected launch), against 88,443 PS3 consoles, also in two days.

Finally, some game sales figures were also revealed in the country, with Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales passing 18,640 sold, while the remake of Demon’s Souls reached 18,607. It is worth noting that the pre-sales of the two consoles sold out there, and that both are currently experiencing inventory problems. What did you think of the Japanese numbers? Comment below!

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