PS5 sleep mode can cause console crashes


In a few days of launching the PS5, several users started to report some flaws observed in the console, in some cases even compromising progress in games and saved files. According to analysts, the problems may be related to the video game’s sleep mode, which, in some way, has been affecting the machine’s performance.

Since the arrival of the PlayStation 5, players are sharing some crashes they are experiencing, with cases of immediate closing of the initialized games, blocking the download queue, compromising saved files, automatic shutdown of the console and, in a more extreme situation, blocking total system in the video game, as there was with youtuber Jeremy Penter.

“It seems like putting the PS5 to sleep while Spider-Man Remastered is crashing the entire system, forcing the ‘external drive repair’ process when it starts the backup. At least that’s what happened to me a few times today.”

“I put my PS5 to sleep and, when I started it, the console had completely shut down and lost 2 hours of progress from Demon’s Souls (including the Tower Knight fight), and there was an error syncing my rescue to the cloud. I’m not crazy. ”

While Sony does not release a system patch update, it is recommended to disable sleep mode through the PS5 settings in the Energy Saver tab.


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