PS5: Revised and Lighter Version of The Console is Now On Sale in Australia


In the last month, reports surfaced on the net of a revised version of the PlayStation 5 that had appeared on Sony’s Japanese website. According to the Australian website Press-Start, apparently these units are already for sale in the local market.

Although the manual seen on Sony’s website indicates changes in the digital version of the console, the variation perceived by many is in the Blu-Ray player, which received a different type of screw that eliminates the use of a specific key in case you need to remove it. . In addition, there was also a change in numbering from CFI-1XXX to CFI-11XX.

Finally, it was also mentioned that the device is a little lighter, weighing 3.6 kilos now. It is not known if there are other changes, but there is a convention that, if any, they are very small.


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