PS5: Returnal video game is coming out a little more!

To the delight of players, the long awaited game “Returnal” is revealed a little more in video. He’s coming to PS5!

Returnal is emerging as one of the most anticipated games of the year on PS5. The Finnish studio behind the latter unveils new images of his little gem!

Available for purchase since November 19, the PS5 quickly saw its stocks go up in smoke. It must be said that Sony knew how to put water in the mouths of gamers …

For long months, the very famous Japanese manufacturer fueled the mystery around his new machine. Curious, customers rushed over!

And yet, they don’t seem disappointed. The benchmark of the new generation of consoles meets even the most demanding expectations.

It thus established itself with the best launch in video game history, with more than 4.5 million copies sold worldwide. And this, in less than two months!

Yes, you did hear it. Sony is about to have its best fiscal year ever! But for now, the supply of games remains quite limited.

There are still some nuggets such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

On April 30, 2021, the highly anticipated Returnal will be added to the game catalog. The Finnish studio Housemarque has just unveiled new images of its PS5 exclusive!

PS5: the long-awaited Returnal video game is revealed a little more!


Not long ago, the Finnish studio, founded in 1995, unveiled new images of the upcoming game Returnal. We thus discover an oppressive atmosphere and frantic fighting!

But that’s not all ! The images also give a glimpse of how the players should construct the story. And for once, it really makes you want!

Selene, an astro-scout, crashes on the surface of a strange planet to say the least. Throughout the adventure, she will relive distant memories.

Some of them will then take her back to a house … That of the P.T. project Yes, you heard! The game pays homage to Hideo Kojima, the very famous Japanese video game creator.

The latter is notably at the origin of the excellent Metal Gear Solid, but also of the popular game Death Stranding. What a nice surprise !

You will probably understand, Returnal is therefore a PS5 exclusive. The game developed by the studio Housemarque will then be released on April 30.

For the latter, the stakes are high … Even very high! The launch of its new little nugget therefore seems like a real new beginning.

What then can we expect? One thing is certain, the developers have gone all out! They do not intend to fail on this one. PS5 players, at your controllers!



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