PS5 receives a new firmware update that improves overall performance


PS5 : PlayStation confirms in the patch notes that it has not added any new functionality, but has focused on performance. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the update 21.01-03.21.00 for PS5, a patch for the firmware that does not incorporate any extra functionality. In fact, the official notes indicate that the update is focused solely on improving the overall performance of the system, without going into further details. “This system software update improves system performance,” a phrase we’ve read countless times by now.

This new update has a weight of about 902 GB. If you have the console configured to update automatically, you will receive a warning when you turn on the device. Just follow the steps of the process, during which the machine will reboot only once. In case you have not configured the automatic updates, you can go directly to the ‘System’ section until you find the ‘Settings and update of the system software’ section.

Normally there will be no problem, as the process is very simple. However, in case the system update crashes for some reason, the PS5 official website recommends restarting the aforementioned update. In case it doesn’t work, Sony provides the ability to download it to a USB drive for manual installation later.

State of Play focused on Deathloop

PlayStation didn’t make it to E3 2021, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any announcements ready. During the State of Play scheduled for today, July 8 (11pm CEST), the Japanese company will present news about Deathloop, the new production of Arkane, the creators of Dishonored. Despite the fact that the studio is already part of Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft has respected the agreements previously signed, so this title will be released as a temporary exclusive on PS4 (and PC).

Updates on indies and third party titles are expected, but there will be no additional information about two great titles highly anticipated by PS4 and PS5 fans, God of War: Ragnarok (code name) and Horizon Forbidden West, due out this year. 2021.


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