PS5: PS4 will allow remote play on PlayStation 5


We can play streaming to PS5 from our PS4 if we have them in different rooms of the house, and even use the Dualshock 4 in it.

Several PS4 users have been surprised in recent hours with the appearance on their consoles of an application called “PS5 Remote Play”. Without any software update involved, this function allows you to connect the two Sony consoles to play PS5 by streaming from PS4. Although it may seem like a strange option, it will be very useful for those who have several televisions and have both machines scattered around the house. If we have the PS5 in the living room and the PS4 in the bedroom, for example, and at the end of the day we have the living room occupied, or we directly want to play from bed, thanks to remote play we will be able to follow our PS5 games from the room without need to relocate or change site consoles, pulling internet and gaming in the cloud. This function, which will already sound familiar to many from PlayStation Vita, who did the same with PS4, has an added advantage and that is that it would allow the use of Dualshock 4 to play PS5, which is curious given that the only useful command for the new console it’s the new Dualsense.

More PS5 interface options

It is not the only novelty that we have known in the last hours related to the interface of PlayStation 5 and the options of the new console. It has also been discovered that we will have (finally!) A counter of hours played, which will also be very accurate and will even allow us to see the time we spend during the past generation in the different PS4 games. The new Sony console, which will be launched on November 19, has even more options, such as the so-called “help videos”, a kind of guides within the main menu that we can use in case we get stuck in a game. Demon’s Souls Remake, for example, will have more than 180 guide videos. If you want to take a look at how to use your account and your PS4 data on the platform, or at the recommended settings for PS5, don’t forget to consult our official guide for it either.

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