PS5 presents its slogan in ‘The Edge’, a new commercial


The video symbolizes Sony’s ambition to tackle the future of video games, an ambition that will be embodied in PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment warms up before the presentation that will take place next Wednesday, September 16 (10pm, Spanish peninsular time). PlayStation 5 is about to unveil new video games, although eyes are fixed on the possible confirmation of its launch date and the price of both models, both the one with a reader and the one that is entirely digital. The console has just released a second advertising spot entitled ‘The Edge’ (‘The Limit’), with which they intend to evoke “the adventurous spirit of the players”, they say in the press release.

The television commercial gives rise to the slogan of PlayStation 5, which leaves aside the classic ‘For you, gamers’, from PS4, to give way to ‘playing has no limits’. In the video you can see a fishing boat sailing on the high seas, straight into a storm that opens before an endless number of boats that are heading towards a new world. As Sony explains, it is a visual metaphor “in which the limit of what we know is the beginning of the possible.”

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