PS5: Playstation’s strategy to please players!


Brice N’Guessan, from the editorial staff of Jeux Vidéo Magazine, explained the strategy of Playstation to please PS5 and PS4 players

Maybe you thought 2021 was going to change something and you were finally going to be able to get your hands on a PS5? You found yourself way too confident. Indeed, no Sony console has “seen the light of day” since the new year. While restocking could take place within a week, don’t expect to see tens of thousands of products available… Only a few players will have the chance to get one, like since launch.

Finding out about its chaotic launch and the failure of its fans, Sony is said to have prepared a strategy to please all its players. Whether on the next-gen console or the current-gen.

This is indeed what Brice N’Guessan explains to France TV Info. The editorial director of Video Games Magazine, sharing the strategy of Playstation for 2021: “Already make available the PS5. Four million PS5s have been sold since its launch. PlayStation aims to sell six million by the end of March. In order to meet its financial objectives to achieve, by the end of 2021 ”

Before adding: “To a sales volume of between 16 and 18 million PS5. Demand is very high among gamers, but from a production point of view it is very complicated for PlayStation. ”

It remains to be seen whether Sony will already succeed in keeping its promise on this first point …


But those who have not yet had the chance to obtain the precious sesame can rest assured. If you still own the PS4, the Japanese firm will not leave you behind, on the contrary.

Indeed, still according to Brice N’Guessan, Sony will continue to release games on this medium: “We talk a lot about the PS5 but PlayStation is very clear on the fact that they do not want to abandon the PlayStation 4. Rendezvous we are talking about 115 million players around the world. The idea is therefore to implement the PS5 while continuing to supply PS4 players. For this, PlayStation will launch several of its big licenses like Horizon on both consoles. ”

In other words, if you were afraid of missing out on “big games” because you didn’t have the latest console, you can rest assured. You will indeed be entitled to your favorite licenses, for a long time to come, on both media. Brice concluding with excellent news:

“There are even rumors that the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok will be available on PS5, but also on PS4. In addition, publishers of classic video games will continue to launch games on both machines. In order to make the most of their productions. “


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