PS5: PlayStation London Studio Seeks Employees For Its New Game Unannounced


PS5: The creators of Blood & Truth have been working on an unannounced video game for a while; Now we see new job offers from the project. SIE London Studio has made public new job vacancies related to its new unannounced video game for PS5, which as we already learned last April point to a new intellectual property. The offers, in this case aimed at those responsible for online programming, are in addition to the demand from online gameplay designers and VFX artists of just a few months ago.

PlayStation London Studio is Sony’s in-house studio responsible for such works as Blood and Truth and PlayStation VR Worlds; So in a way it can be understood that they are one of Sony’s capital studios to continue building a catalog of video games for the virtual reality device, whose new 2.0 helmet will soon arrive exclusively for PlayStation 5.

It will be a game for PS5 with online mode that will take advantage of the “potential” of the console

“London Studio is building a future online game for PlayStation 5 from scratch,” they explain. “Quality is something we are immensely proud to aspire to, and we are looking to gather the right team to help us carry out this brand new project,” they extend. To this we must add their previous descriptions, in which they said the following: “We are very excited to be able to open this contract for a designer with experience in online gameplay; it’s a vitally important role for the new PS5 project we’re working on at London Studio. ”

Thus, this still undated project will include elements that invite you to think about online multiplayer modes; although it is not clear that it will necessarily be compatible with virtual reality.