PS5: Players are complaining against Sony!


Business is bad for Sony! Gamers are complaining about the PS5’s DualSense controller and more than recurring drift problems …

New bad buzz for Sony and its PS5 console! Players are filing a complaint against the giant because of the DualSense!

Sony never ceases to disappoint fans with the PS5! Since its release, the list of console issues and bugs has grown steadily! And for good reason…

The year 2020 made big video game enthusiasts salivate! By the way, the release of the PS5 was the most buzzing global event for the holiday season!

And despite its substantial price (449 €), Sony has justified this increase with lots of great promises! Indeed, the PS4 of 2013, and the PS4 Pro of 2016 had been launched at 399 €.

But since its release, the PS5 has not been up to what gamers expected from this promising new console! “The setup of the PS5 is incredibly exciting. […] This is the additional graphics power. And the inclusion of a ray tracing management architecture. ” Luca Dalco had thus promised!

Unfortunately for gamers, the reality is quite different! The latest bug to date? DualSense’s Drift Problems!

PS5: players file a complaint against Sony because of the DualSense!


Shock on the web! On February 12, a case was filed by a law firm in the United States against Sony! And without an amicable settlement, the case may well go to trial!

For a few days now, players have been complaining about DualSense! Indeed, the controller of the PS5 suffers from drift concerns!

What does this problem really mean? One PS5 gamer explains that “his character moves around the screen on his own without any action on his part, causing serious gameplay issues. ”

Unsurprisingly, Sony is therefore accused of selling DualSense controllers which can very quickly exhibit a drift defect, resulting in a consequent degradation of the user experience! But that’s not all !

The company is also singled out for its management of the problem! And for good reason … The complainants believe that Sony is not transparent with its customers and should communicate better on this subject!

For this appeal and this call for witnesses, lawyers do not do things by halves! “Due to unfair, deceptive and / or fraudulent business practices by Sony, owners of DualSense controllers have suffered verifiable loss and have been harmed by Sony’s attitude. Accordingly, the plaintiff takes this action to remedy Sony’s violations of the laws relating to consumer fraud, breach of warranty and unjust enrichment. The plaintiff seeks monetary compensation for the damage suffered, a declaratory measure and a public injunction. Is it thus written on the site of the firm in charge of the recourse!

So what will Sony do? To be continued …