PS5: Player reveals secret in remake of Demon’s Souls


After months of high expectations and countless teasers, the next generation consoles are finally here. Despite serious usability challenges, the PlayStation 5 finally arrived in select markets last week for sale worldwide.

The Sony console has been released with some very interesting games, among them the remake of Demon’s Souls. Developed by Bluepoint Studios, known for the remake of the Shadow of the Colossus, the game has been completely artistically redesigned, but retained almost all of the code used in the original 2009 game.

However, the developers took the freedom to give players a little surprise. Last week, a hidden door was found that wasn’t in the original game. The gate was locked and there was no obvious way to open it. Bluepoint even provoked the public with a message about the item hidden in place.

Today, after much effort, the publisher Distortion2 has finally solved the mystery and was pleasantly surprised: The item stored here was the full armor of one of the game’s bosses, the Penetrator. To earn it, it is necessary to collect 26 new Sparkly Ceramic Coins in Fractured Mode and exchange them for a rusty key that opens the secret door to Sparkly the Crow. You can see the moment the Distortion opens the door in the video below:

Demon’s Souls Remake is exclusive to a PlayStation 5 and may remain so if rumors of Sony will buy the Bluepoint. The game is available for R $ 349 on PlayStation Store and at major retailers in the country.

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