PS5: a picture of the console leaked!


The PS5 is waiting. After many weeks of waiting, the most attentive to the release of the latest Sony console finally seem rewarded. They finally know who might look like the long-awaited console.

Fans of the first hour of the new Sony console, the long-awaited PS5, are finally served. Already last week, they had a taste of the surprise that awaited them. A graph of the controllers of the new jewel of the Japanese firm had leaked. An opportunity to have a first glimpse of in object that will, for some, capture the majority of their next months of free time. But that’s not all !

Sony had already communicated on certain terms. We know for example that the PS5 will address a public gamer warned to see hardcore gamer. It has even been designed to respond primarily to the desires of this part of the public. The games of the PS4 would also be compatible with the new iteration of the iconic console.

But now, the curtain seems lifted. Indeed, a photo of the final design of the PS5 just leaked. And there is no big surprise. The prototypes already revealed are quite faithful to the final version. Following this leak, Tom Warren, a journalist from The Verge confirmed that these were devs kits.

“Yes, this is the PlayStation 5 devkit. It’s expanded and V-shaped because it makes it easier to stack them when developers have to run chain resistance tests. The central shape offers optimized cooling to expel air in the center and on the sides.

Explanations that say a little more about the ambitions of this project.


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