PS5 photos show how big Sony’s new console is


Sony’s upcoming PS5 hardware has been spotted in the records of Taiwan’s official communications agency called the National Communications Commission (NCC). In this way, we see the first photos that offer a closer look at the next generation console.

NCC presents some of the photos in the document which can be accessed via this PDF file. The standard PS5 is shown standing horizontally. In addition, the cables and the detachable base that allows the console to stand in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The photos show how big the PS5 really is. Earlier last week it was revealed that the PS5 will be the physically largest game console in modern history. Moreover, it even surpasses the Xbox One and PS3. Sony also published the physical dimensions of the console at the PS5 event held in the middle of last week, but the measurements were not given with the optional base.

It is understood from the photos that placing the PS5 in the entertainment centers in the living room or halls will require a lot of struggle. We can say that this is the case with the Xbox Series X as well. Both consoles are basically designed to be vertical, which does not seem very suitable for tilting.

Sony will start selling PS5 in some countries, especially the USA, on November 12. The price of the PS5 is approximately $ 500, and the price of the PS5 Digital Edition without a disc drive is around $ 400. It is expected to be available in many countries of the world as of November 19.

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