PS5: Pedestrian game is coming to console this month!


The Pedestrian official game account has let it be known that the game will land on next-gen consoles and the PS5 later this month.

Great news for PS5 players. The game The Pedestrian, bringing together a 2D and 3D universe, should soon be available on the next-gen console. Just like, arguably, Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Because yes, before talking about the famous game in which we play a character who has to jump various platforms, maybe we should talk about Cloud. The hero of the 7th part of the Final Fantasy saga. The latter having been entitled to a remake on PS4 in early 2020.

Now all fans are waiting for a real version on PS5, with improved graphics and additional content. Well know that it just might happen. You might as well warn you right away, this is just a guess. But according to Phoneandroid, we may well be entitled to a true next-gen version in the years to come.

Xbox fans could also find a smile. Since the exclusive contract between Sony and Playstation is expected to end within a few months.

But at the end of the month, PS5 gamers will mostly be able to have fun with the game from Skookum Arts LLC.


Because yes, this is the real information. After seducing players on PS4, The Pedestrian could well charm on PS5. It remains to be seen at what price the studio will want to deliver its game.

Indeed, if he wants to put it at 80 euros, like most new games on the next-gen console, it might annoy a lot of people. Because the game is not worth the price. Although it is beautiful, as we told you, the gameplay remains simple and would not justify such a sum.

We will therefore have to be patient before knowing at what price we will be able to take it. In the meantime, the studio seemed excited to share the news of their baby’s release on the next-gen console. The latter, making it known via his Twitter account:

“We are thrilled to finally announce that The Pedestrian is coming to PS4 and PS5 on January 29 !! Please share with anyone who might be interested :). #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #indiegame #PlayStation # PlayStation5 # Playstation4 # PS5 # PS4 »


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