PS5: patch should fix problems with 4K, HDR


Through a message posted on the Samsung community website, moderator DavidB confirmed that the PS5 will get an update in March to correct some problems reported by users of the brand’s TVs, repairing incompatibility flaws between 4K HDR and 120 Hz.

Since the arrival of the PS5, consumers of Samsung brand televisions have been reporting failures in their equipment after connecting them to the PS5, stating that 4K comes out strangely – fake 4K – when HDR and 120 Hz functions are on. In a note, a spokesman for the South Korean giant then issued a statement, stating that the problems are not due to its equipment, but to a firmware loophole in the console that prevents correct resolution support.

Finally, the community manager said that the fix for the flaw should come with a patch on the PS5, still without a date or details confirmed by Sony. Thus, the suggestion for users of the respective TVs is to disable HDR or reduce the refresh rate to 60 Hz.

Are you experiencing this type of problem on your Samsung TV? Leave your answer in the comments.


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