This would be the official presentation of Sony’s DualShock 5


A graphic designer shared a YouTuber video in which we see the main technical details of DualShock 5.

Giuseppe Spinelli , also known in social networks as Snoreyn , published a commercial assumption of how the final design of Sony’s DualShock 5 would be . The images have as reference the information available in the Japanese firm’s patent.

As you can see, the design is based on the information that has been rumored months ago, since we can see the analog triggers as extra buttons. However, Sony said it does not expect to make major changes since they seek to maintain the essence of previous editions.

In addition, players would experience a new gaming experience with this new design, especially in the competitive world. We know that the haptic response will be new, since the vibration system will make the different situations in the games more real.

Unfortunately, the features shown in the video are not yet confirmed by Sony , which is why we cannot get excited about this design. Recall that the new PlayStation 5 will be launched at Christmas this year.


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