PS5: Next Big Update Arrives Tomorrow (15) with SSD M.2 Support


PS5: Sony announced that its second major software update takes place tomorrow, September 15th. The update will bring long-awaited support for storage expansion via SSD M.2 to all gamers, as well as several interface improvements and extended support for 3D audio.

After downloading and installing the update, PS5 users will be able to use the M.2 format slot inside the video game to install an SSD and expand its storage. It is important, however, to ensure that the drive meets the minimum specs required by the console to ensure that it will function normally. Check out the official Sony tutorial below:

But the update also brings several other changes. The control center will give more freedom for customization, the PS4 and PS5 game versions will be shown separately and there are some new customization options for social tools.

A useful tool for trophy hunters is also worth mentioning. After the update, players will be able to count on a trophy tracker, where they can register up to five achievements to look in a quick menu during their game and remember what they need to do to get them.

The update also brings improvements and new features for use in conjunction with the PlayStation app and PS4. The full list of changes and their detailed description is available on the official PlayStation blog.


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