PS5: New Model Has A Much Smaller Heatsink


Sony already has a revised version of the PS5 being sold in Japan and Australia. Many buyers expected very subtle or barely perceptible changes, but a YouTube video creator found that one of those changes is actually quite considerable. The heat dissipation structure in the new PS5 version is much smaller than the original model.

As you can see in the image above, there is an entire copper backplate that appears to have been removed, or greatly reduced. The structure of heatsinks over the heatpipes has also been considerably reduced. Below, the full video, showing the changes in detail:

The result is what we might expect, the new PS5 heats up more than its original version. An analysis of the temperature of the two versions of the video game running the same game shows that the new PS5 runs between 3 to 5ºC warmer than the first console.

Sony even put in a new fan with larger blades to perhaps compensate for the heatsink reduction. But we can see in the image above that the video game runs hotter anyway.

It’s interesting to note that it’s not this temperature difference that’s going to make the video game suddenly burn, but electronics that heat up more – in general – last less. And the PS5 is still at the beginning of its “life”. We still don’t know how long the original console will last, and we already have a new version that could end up lasting even less.


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