PS5: New Model Could Start Production in 2022


PS5: Launched at the end of last year, the PlayStation 5 should start winning a new model as early as next year. Sony has already negotiated new parts with suppliers and, among the novelties, the console should feature a semi-customized 6 nm CPU from AMD.

The information was released on Thursday (06) by the website DigiTimes. According to the vehicle, the expectation is that the production of the new PS5 will start between the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2022.

According to initial information, the version will not have major changes in design, since the focus will be on updating the hardware.

Shortages in the market

Despite the novelty, which has not yet been officially confirmed, Sony has been dealing with a shortage of devices around the world. Less production, due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus and high sales, made electronics become a luxury item, revealing high prices and low inventories.

The Japanese company has already acknowledged that the PS5’s inventory is unlikely to increase until March 2022, when the company’s current fiscal year ends. Even so, executives at the giant have said they were considering options to work around the problem.

The brand’s CFO, Hiroki Totoki, explained that options, such as outsourcing suppliers and changing hardware designs, were being considered. During a video call between investors, he explained the factors that are complicating the production of new consoles.

“The scarcity of semiconductors is a factor, but there are other factors that will impact the volume of production. So, at the moment, we would like to aim to [beat] the 2nd year sales, of 14.8 million, which was the result of the 2nd year of PS4 ”, Totoki commented.

So, what do you think of a new version of PS5? What would you like the new model to have? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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