PS5: new colors for the plates soon available?


After black, the company “Game Armor” announces the launch of the red and blue plates, interchangeable with the white of the PS5.

At the moment, Sony only offers one color for its famous PS5. The Game Armor company intends to take advantage of it and then announces the imminent launch of the red and blue plates.

Available for purchase since November 19, 2020, the PS5 quickly saw its inventory go up in smoke. And for good reason ! For many weeks, Sony has been able to make gamers’ mouths water by fueling the mystery around its new console.

It must be said that the new gem of the very famous Japanese manufacturer makes you want. It’s the machine of the future, meant to shake up the gaming world.

Customers all over the world are snapping it up. In this period, to say the least, nothing better than to spend your days playing!

Finally … With moderation of course. It should not be abused! So we can say, the PS5 falls really peak. Even if the pandemic still hampered its launch.

As you probably know, Sony only offers one colorway at the moment. So it’s white, with a few touches of black, but also a blue neon.

A company then jumped at the opportunity to offer new ones …


Much to the chagrin of gamers, the PS5 is currently only available in one colourway. Woe to those who do not like white! It must be said that it is quite messy. Even if you have to be pretty darn clumsy to mess up your console.

But rest assured, a props specialist is on the spot! As you will have probably understood, this is the Game Armor company. Nice as a name.

The latter has just shipped its very first stock of black “Classic Black” plates. She doesn’t really seem to take the threats from the Japanese giant seriously …

In fact, Game Armor intends to take full advantage of this emerging market. The props then announced that they were working on two other colors. Yes, you did hear it.

From March, it will be offering red “Parker Red” plates, but also blue “Astro Blue” plates. Definitely, Game Armor loves pretty names.

Players will be able to enjoy new colors on their PS5, much more pleasant than the blandness of white. Moreover, these famous plaques are already enjoying great success!

We can then expect French props to do it too. There is no doubt there is a lot of money to be made!

But beware, Sony could well respond with complaints. This is a case to be continued …


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