PS5 Meme as Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! becomes reality


YouTuber TeaTimeGames shared, on its official channel, a video showing the transformation of PlayStation 5 into the character Seto Kaiba, from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, using 3D printing techniques.

Since before the launch of the PS5, much has been said about its eccentric design, causing the internet to fill up with memes that have taken advantage of the video game’s look. And one of the most shared images on social media was a joke in which Seto Kaiba’s head was placed on top of the console, while the side panels served as the jacket that the character wears in the second season of the anime.

It was then that the TeaTimeGames youtuber decided to revive the meme and adapt it to reality, placing a huge head of Kaiba on top of the PS5. Check the result below.

According to the video description, the character’s head was completely hand-painted and positioned using a 3-meter long double-sided tape.

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