PS5 May Officially Receive Apple Music Soon


PS5: Apple’s music streaming may finally hit the PS5 soon. This is what points to a screen that has appeared in the console’s new account settings in some cases. A Reddit user took such a screen and posted it on the forum, which made the news spread across the internet:

Since when was this a thing???? I made a new account on my PS5 and was gonna connect my Spotify but then I see this from AppleMusic

On the screen we can see the system offering the user the opportunity to download their favorite music app, Spotify – which has been available on Sony consoles for a long time – or Apple Music.

The app, however, still doesn’t work. As the service is not yet official, nor has it been announced, choosing Apple Music strangely results in a warning that it’s only available on the PS4 – and the app doesn’t exist on Sony’s past-generation consoles either.

This could be an indication that companies are getting ready to finally bring Apple Music to the video game, and this should not take long to happen. Apple has an event set for next Monday, the 18th of October, which could be a good time to announce its music app on the PS5.

The arrival of Apple Music to the PS5 would not be a surprise, after all Apple has been closer to Sony with the launch of the new console. The two companies already offer six months of free Apple TV+ for video game players.


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