Microsoft 365 will have AI-based features


On Tuesday (21), Microsoft released a video to promote the interface and features that should reach Microsoft 365, the new Office nomenclature. In the publication, the company described the operation of the application suite, emphasizing the behavioral individuality of each user, since the service has the ability to adapt to these differences to help maintain focus on activities.

New Microsoft 365: focus and adaptation

Microsoft 365 changes begin with the colors of the app headers, which will be translucent. A new flexible ribbon will be introduced, progressively displaying contextually relevant commands at the most opportune times.

Other features that will land on Microsoft 365 include:

advanced and integrated search for all apps in the suite;
Cortana with artificial intelligence resources to offer more useful assistance;
Improved Cortex design, to help the user to develop tasks more efficiently;
Excel with error detection in formulas while you write them; if any problem remains, it will be stored in an easily accessible place for future correction;
AI Planner to automatically suggest task completion dates based on their descriptions;
Teams with more dynamic experiences in apps like Planner, PowerPoint and Whiteboard, to improve the interaction between multiple users.
According to Jon Friedman, from the Microsoft 365 design team, focus is a relative process that depends on each person, as well as on the activity being performed.

The new Microsoft 365 approach aims to use several interface features in order to minimize external distractions, decrease self-interruptions and sustain the initial flow.

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